Bridge Clinic is the number one centre for fertility services in West Africa. Bridge Clinic was founded in 1999 on the principals of international standards of healthcare delivery. In addition to fertility, they now offer a broad range of medical services for everyday health and continue to offer the most advanced care in fertility, and preventative and primary healthcare for the whole family.


Website/Development/User Interface/User Experience/Design/Copywriting/Campaigns/
Content Management System


Create a website for Bridge Clinic that is engaging, uncomplicated, and user-friendly, especially on mobile devices. The main considerations were providing and organising content in a way that was interesting and helpful, and to make it simple for people to contact Bridge Clinic.


The new site was created as a knowledge hub for the information-seeking user, and includes multiple ways to search, browse, and read original content with ease. A custom content management system was created to ensure Bridge Clinic can update website content easily and efficiently.

The site provides detailed information about each clinic, their capabilities, and clinical team. We ensured that booking an appointment or making contact with Bridge Clinic is effortless, with bold call to actions in prominent places. The site also provides resource centres where both patients and doctors can read and download information about the products and campaigns offered.

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