N.I.D Project & Asset Managers are experts in property sales, management, construction, investment, and remodeling. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, N.I.D boasts a team of experienced professionals who provide an integrated property services offering. N.I.D stands for Nigerians in Diaspora; the business specialises in connecting the Nigerian Diaspora to the property market at home, while also focusing on those living in Nigeria.


Brand Identity/Website/Logo/Design


Implement a brand identity that communicates N.I.D’s property-based services while conveying the expertise and trustworthiness of the brand.


We developed an identity using a dynamic combination of perspective and simplicity, with an allusion to the Nigerian flag that creates an icon reminiscent of two walls intersecting. The duality in colour represents Nigerians living abroad and those living at home, connected to their country wherever they are. The strong typeface, sharp angles, and bold colour palette convey structure, purpose and integrity.

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