Bridge Clinic, a fertility and IVF clinic in Nigeria approached FLANCE to conceptualise and create an illustration to demonstrate how many babies Bridge Clinic has helped bring into the world using fertility treatments and IVF.

The illustration, displayed in the waiting area of the clinics, intends to evoke feelings of positivity and upliftment for patients at Bridge Clinic, highlighting the community of support, the many steps along the way, and the incredible feelings of elation after the treatment has been successful.

The process started by exploring the overall shape and identifying how which elements could break out of the main holding shape. The idea behind the layout was to demonstrate a thriving and colourful fertility community, capable of having a significant impact on the lives of those wanting to create or grow their family.

The scene needed to pay tribute to many of the different moments that occur during the fertility journey, from the consultation to speaking with friends and family, to becoming pregnant and having a baby.

Telling a whimsical and happy story was important, but it was also essential that the illustration included mention of the technical processes and advanced treatments involved in IVF and carried a sense of empathy and understanding.

The final layout included a vibrant and successful fertility clinic at the centre of a community of doctors, nurses, family and friends and animals and nature.

The panels at the top of the clinic, will be updated and changed by the clinic’s administrators every time a new baby is born due to Bridge Clinic’s services. Patients and their family members will see the over success rate of Bridge Clinic from 1999 until today while they await their consultation or treatment.

The Process

After deciding the layout would be mostly contained, with a few elements that broke the circle, the scene was laid out in pencil.

After the pencil layout was complete, the sketch was turned into a vector illustration.

From there, flat colour was incorporated.

The final step consisted of including texture, gradients, detail and colour adjustments.

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