We are the best at what we do, because what we do goes beyond being just a digital marketing consultancy.

Experience with extraordinary requests has taught us how to cleverly bend boundaries and gently break rules that otherwise get in the way of brilliant, innovative ideas. Our multidisciplinary service delivery model has a holistic heart, but a logical brain. This means:

    • No potential goes unrealised.
    • There’s always a reason for our decisions and actions.

We are very proud of our global footprint that has enabled us to work with many multinational brands across various industries in South Africa, the African continent and further afield. Having worked in both the creative and corporate sectors, our highly experienced, well-trained team members possess insights that most other digital marketing consultants don’t.

By partnering with FLANCE, entrepreneurial and owner-managed businesses have access to the same services, expertise and knowledge that large organisations use to grow their market and brand positioning.

We can conceptualise and build anything you need, from the ground up, and provide support, throughout the solution’s lifecycle.